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  1. UAW-Tesla relations are at a 'turning point'
    UAW complaints, combined with production problems, could make it easier for the union to organize Tesla plants, experts say.
  2. Aston, Rolls spar over visions of tomorrow's superluxe sedan
    Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce engaged in a public spat at the Geneva auto show over what the superluxury sedan of the future should look like.
  3. PSA stabilizes Opel, but much work remains
    "No regrets" -- That's PSA Group CEO Carlos Tavares' assessment one year after striking a $2.7 billion deal for Opel and Vauxhall, General Motors' stubbornly unprofitable European brands.
  4. U.S. probes airbag failures in deadly Hyundai, Kia car crashes
    NHTSA said it is opening a probe into why some airbags failed to deploy in Hyundai and Kia vehicles after crashes in which four people were reportedly killed and another six injured.
  5. For Zetsche, skipping Detroit is hard to do
    It wasn't easy for Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche to go along with the decision for Mercedes to pull out of the Detroit auto show.
  6. Nexi AI helps dealers manage used-car lots
    Cox Automotive's vAuto unit says its new Nexi, designed to aid dealerships' used-car operations, is the first AI digital assistant for auto retailers.
  7. Nissan rekindles body-on-frame SUV #8212; in China
    Nissan will introduce the body-on-frame Terra SUV in Asia this spring with a name one letter different from its iconic Xterra.
  8. Medical transport is next frontier for ride-hailing
    The ride-hailing industry is trying to make magic by finding a way to make non-emergency transportation to doctor's offices and hospitals affordable.
  9. Trump negotiating with countries over tariffs, White House says
    President Donald Trump is negotiating with a number of countries over the possibility of providing exemptions to new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, the White House said.
  10. Solar storms could wreak havoc on driverless cars
    Self-driving cars are still working to master the snow. It turns out that excessive sun can also pose a problem for the coming wave of robot drivers.